Client Comments and Praise


"Margot can do more organizing and clean up in a day than I could do in three weeks. She really has a gift for organizing!"

                                                               Leigh Farrell   - Moving & Oganization


"Margot worked very hard to pack up seventeen years of stuff to help me move. She was extremely organized, very pleasant to work with and very self motivated. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of organization. She rocks!"                                     

                                                               Lou Ann Craig  - Moving & Organization


"Margot's has an amazing work ethic she does not stop moving and organizing for 5 hours straight.  You will be very impressed with the results"


                                                           Julie Goldasich Cox - Moving & Organization


"Margot’s “take charge with a smile” attitude helped to make a stressful time of moving tolerable. She was there with a “toolkit” of supplies and tons of ideas to handle jobs that were not even on the original list of activities. I have what seemed like a million cabinets and drawers to be lined and she organized, planned and executed. I highly recommend Margot for any pre- or post-move in activities. You will not be disappointed!"

                                                        Kelly K. Nichols  - Home Prep Service


"Organized, energetic and passionate! I love what Margot did for us, I feel like I can find things now! I feel like a load has been lifted! Thanks Margot!"


                                                                Paige Drummond - Organization Services