Your clients look to you for all of the answers related to their project with you. You’re the expert and they defer to you for solutions to any problems that may arise. Let Margot Kelley Organizationalist help make you a super hero in your client’s eyes 


A brief conversation with you, Margot and your potential client about recreating and preparing their home for the market can often make the difference in the minds of your prospective client.


There are many reasons why real estate professionals should consider working with Margot.


  • Maximizing Home Value- You know that home buyers want to see a home in its best light. They want to know that there is adequate storage, that their things will actually fit with room to spare and that the home has been cared for by the current owners. Downsizing and decluttering are key to ensuring the best First Impression a potential buyer may have. 

  • Let Us Have the Difficult Conversation- Persuading your clients to de-clutter prior to sale can be tough, so give that job to us! You know you have your client’s best interest in mind when suggesting decluttering, but that can be delicate subject. We love showing a homeowner just how great their space can still look even with a little less in it. 

  • A Thoughtful Thank-You- Looking for a unique way to thank your very best clients? Gift your new homebuyer with a gift certificate for our unpacking services. We can work with you to come up with a gift they’ll always remember- effortless unpacking!